How to create Adestra email marketing within WordPress

Do you send out email newsletters with Adestra?

Do you use WordPress to create and post your content?

Imagine sending test emails as you create them right from within WordPress, with no more copying and pasting content to create your emails. Now you can create Adestra emails within WordPress in just 10 minutes or less.

Watch the 5 min video to see how…

Does this Adestra workflow sound familiar?

Are you spending hours trying to copy text from you blog posts to the Adestra UI, or trying to add images that you posted online?
Or do you use Dreamweaver maybe, and then hope that the template you built in Dreamweaver will work on all the email clients you need it to?


I created a WordPress site for video demo (see above) to honour Keith Flint from The Prodigy who recently passed away. It shows a number of front men from leading Rock bands.

Within 10 minutes I created this newsletter from within the site


And it looks great on mobile too

So let me show you how I did it

First you need to click here  and message us with “Can I have your newsletter plugin” and we’ll help you out.

Then when you have got that, we will install it for you.

When you next go into your WordPress environment this is what you’ll see…

You’ll have a new newsletters section and when you click on the newsletter section like I have here you can create a new one or select an existing one.

You’ll notice there is an Adestra section right here inside your WordPress environment.

I used the colour scheme that was already provided and added my logo, went into the email body content area, and I added a single column.
After that I added the Kieth Flint post, and dropped any margins around it.
Then I went to a 3 column layout, chose my posts, checked the button text, and finally I added a single column area for Mick Jagger.
I chose where to put the image, and that it should be big, and then chose how long I wanted the excerpt to be at the bottom.

After doing that I named my Adestra campaign right inside WordPress. It grabbed the project directly from Adestra for me already, so I just needed to
click “update campaign” and it sent it straight to Adestra for me.


When I go to Adestra I can see its already added the mailing list that it needs to add, and its added the unsubscribe list that it needs as well.
I even have a text version that was generated for me from the plugin itself.
So all I need to do is hit “test and launch”, or send a test email perhaps if I want to just check it first, and that’s it.

Here is a quick summary of features

  • Pretty much everything inside WordPress
  • No more manually importing content from posts
  • Quick reference template
  • Include navigation links at the top of your newsletter
  • Add banner images
  • Include Call To Action blocks
  • One, two, three or four column sections
  • Image positioning options
  • All designed to work great with mobile

Now you can create newsletters right from within WordPress

Plus get these extras as well

  • Include Google fonts
  • Choose excerpt lengths
  • Combine a large number of layouts

All designed to work great for all major email clients

Get you email newsletters created in minutes and not hours.

Don’t forget to click here and reach out to us.


Adestra users often experience these issues

  1. Uploading, cropping and configuring images to Adestra/Dreamweaver
  2. Copy and pasting titles, content and links multiple times
  3. There’s no way of sending emails from Dreamweaver/text editor to test in your email client.
  4. Responsive design
  5. Testing across multiple email clients

Our plugin handles all of these issues, and so much more.

Tons of options for customising colours, spacings, columns and content!



Custom options for testing, previewing and sending to Adestra, built right in the WordPress post edit screen!


Don’t forget to click here to reach out to us.

By Jonathan Foxwell | 22 March, 2019