How to monitor my ninja forms enquiries

Ninja Forms and enquiry management

Every website needs at least one contact form. And whilst we love custom development at TJC, sometimes there really isn’t a need to re-invent the wheel.

With Ninja Forms you get access to an Intuitive form builder with every input you’d need out of the box, powerful validation for those inputs so you don’t need to worry about what passes through, submissions management, email notifications and success messages for your users to top it all off.

One of its most powerful features are it’s submission processing hooks which allow WordPress developers to extend the functionality of a form and define custom behaviour you want triggered when the form has been submitted.

A common requirement for businesses who have a hand in the digital sphere online is to try and gauge how well their online customer service is received. You’ve no doubt received an email not long after getting in contact for something like an online order where you were asked how your experience with them went.

WordPress offers all of the nuts and bolts you’d need to quickly build a system which would enable you to monitor website enquiries in this way and setup your own customer service feedback management system without ever having to leave your WordPress admin.

Here at TJC – We’ve built one of these systems that is now used by a music technology retailer which handles international enquiries. If you need a bespoke system to manage your online enquiries – get in contact with us using the form below.