Based in Hastings, East Sussex, The Jamieson Consultancy provides specialist web design and software development alongside diverse sales, marketing and circulation management support to businesses nationally, and internationally.

From market research, sales, lead generation strategy and content marketing through to website design and email marketing, we understand that every business is different and that your sales and marketing requirements should be tailored to suit your specific needs. At TJC we use our experience and expertise to deliver the market growth that your business requires.

Data cleansing

Data management is at the heart of everything we do. Not only do we know the value of data cleansing but we also know how to maximise the benefits of this data, while maintaining its integrity at every stage.

Enquiry qualification

Time really is money in the world of qualifying new business leads. We can quickly and effectively identify genuine interest from casual browsing and generate high quality sales leads for you to convert into business.

Quality market research

In Market Research quality is key, not quantity. We focus on generating detailed market research that gives you the clear, actionable business intelligence you need to build your brand and grow sales.

Focus on your marketing strategy.
Keep your marketing relevant to your business needs.

You understand your market better than anyone else. Combining your knowledge with TJC's expertise in a broad range of marketing strategies will maximise the potential of that market for you.

Lead Generation

Targeted one-to-one research to guarantee quality prospects

TJC provides a flexible and scalable lead generation and qualification service that functions as a natural extension of your sales operation. Working with a project-dedicated database, we record details of every transaction, providing timely, detailed...

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Circulation Management

Quality Editorial + Circulation Excellence = Advertising Revenue

Recruiting and training the senior staff needed to build and manage their circulations is something...

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Software development

Affordable online software

In the post covid age, it's more important than ever to automate and digitise your...

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Data Management

Quality Matters

Data is the most valuable commodity a company can have and without a quality database...

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Market Research

Knowing makes all the difference

Knowledge is king in any business and by taking full advantage of the business intelligence that we generate, our clients are much better placed to accurately plan their sales and marketing strategies. Our role is...

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Enquiry Management

Making the utmost out of every precious enquiry

Ensuring that your customers promptly receive current literature - in electronic or hard copy format...

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Web Design

We believe your business should have a great website

Looking good is only part of it; a great site works hard for its living, enhancing your brand image, generating higher conversion rates and increasing sales.

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Email Marketing

Put your sales message directly into the inbox of your prospects and customers

Rather than just prepare great-looking artwork, we combine your knowledge of your product and target audience with our technical expertise and creative talent to build an objective-driven campaign that is designed to work.

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