Data Management

Quality Matters

Data is the most valuable commodity a company can have and without a quality database your business will be at a disadvantage. TJC have developed a suite of data management and cleansing services to enhance your existing information, generate new, dynamic opportunities and give you a significant advantage over your competitors, Whether you need a database created from scratch or a thorough cleanse of your existing contacts list, we have the expertise and the know-how to return the highest quality data and help you convert it into profitable business advantage.


Existing databases can be redesigned and refreshed to make them more user-friendly and effective. We often work with client data which is held on one or more databases, where the only common element is the lack of a systematic procedure for updating and revalidating addresses, the contacts and business demographics. We systematically combine and de-duplicate the various databases and, as part of the service, we can also analyse information to build your market intelligence, build ideal customer or target profiles and identify marketing opportunities. We also suggest ways to get your data working better for you.

TJC analysed our customer/prospect database and created a detailed profile of our typical customer. The analysis and how it was communicated gave us the confidence to move forward and make use of its lead generation service which delivered high quality, qualified, leads that reduced dramatically the amount of work we have to do before we get in front of the customer.



The TJC team of specialists can design and construct a database around your needs, populating it with fresh contacts and information. Once in place, we provide ongoing data management to ensure the information remains fresh, clean and valid.


  • Database building and data gathering
  • Data cleansing and verification
  • Database hosting and management
  • Database intelligence and consultancy