How to Create Braze Email Templates in WordPress

Do you rely on WordPress for publishing captivating content and use Braze for your email campaigns? Merging these platforms has just become a breeze! We’re excited to introduce our latest WordPress plugin – Newsletter From Posts – Braze Edition.

Why should publishers get excited?

  1. Seamless Integration: Say goodbye to the days of copying content from WordPress and manually pasting it into Braze. With this plugin, your favorite publishing platform meets your trusted email marketing tool.
  2. Consistency in Design: Ensure your readers enjoy a consistent reading experience, whether they are on your blog or in their inbox. Design once and let the plugin carry your signature look into every email.
  3. Time Efficiency: Time is money. Our tool eliminates the manual, tedious steps of repurposing your content for email. This means faster content rollouts and more time for what you do best: creating stellar content.
  4. Streamlined Process: With just a few clicks, your WordPress content can be transformed into a Braze-ready email template and sent to the platform ready to be delivered to your audience.

For Every Publisher Using Braze & WordPress: Whether you’re a solo content creator or a publishing giant, if WordPress and Braze are integral parts of your toolkit, then this plugin is crafted just for you.

Embrace efficient content distribution. Start maximising your productivity and ensure your readers never miss a beat of your content, all thanks to the Braze Email Newsletter Templates Creator for WordPress.