Conducting market research to evaluate a new marketing campaign.

Recent research involved a programme of 400 interviews to assess the awareness, perceptions and business potential of a recently launched software product among the client’s core corporate prospect base.

The company was about to commit to a large-scale promotional campaign to support the product at a cost of over £¼ million, but wanted to ensure that they were reaching the desired target audience and that the message was both understood and was having a positive impact.

Our role was therefore to very quickly identify that all was well.

As with all our research programmes, this required research scripting, the design of a database, list management and full team briefing prior to the study being conducted and full graphical analysis once it was complete. A secondary report consisted of cross tabulations for presentation to the client’s marketing and product management.

The full programme, from briefing to supply of reports, was undertaken within three weeks so that it could be used to define and direct the content of the forthcoming marketing campaign and enabled them to fully assess the value of marketing activity to date.