Market Research

Knowing makes all the difference

Knowledge is king in any business and by taking full advantage of the business intelligence that we generate, our clients are much better placed to accurately plan their sales and marketing strategies. Our role is to research your market – both known and unknown -and identify potential opportunities, strengths and any areas of weakness or threat, and provide you with a greater understanding of what your existing and potential customers expect of your business. Having this knowledge will give you a genuine commercial advantage over your competitors, enabling you to plan and apply your resources where they are needed, when they are needed.


To have a thorough understanding of how you are perceived by your customers and prospects can be a powerful driver of positive change that will enable you to grow your business. At the same time, to know how you are viewed in comparison to your competition is a vital precursor to effective strategic planning. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most; subtle changes to service levels that cost little but deliver a disproportionately higher return.

For many of our clients who commission a customer satisfaction survey, we undertake an initial benchmarking study and revisit it annually, enabling them to monitor how well they are performing and how effective any changes, implemented as a result of the earlier findings, have been. All have found this to be of significant business value.

Perhaps you need to combine several requirements such as clean and update an existing database, identify new business potential and understand how you are viewed as a supplier. Or maybe you just want to know how your organisation is viewed by your own staff and we can do that too.


A frequent exercise for a number of our clients is the investigation of new, as yet untapped markets.

Before embarking on a major sales and marketing initiative, we test the water to see if it offers genuine sales potential. Most importantly, if it does, we can establish your best approach, identifying the primary competition, barriers to entry and the requirements of a new supplier. Tell us what you want to know and it will be our mission to find out.


To have real value, research has to be right for your business. This means that the people acquiring information on your behalf require expertise in conceiving and executing the data gathering process. Our team of experienced and highly qualified staff undertakes detailed planning of any data gathering campaign that results in every client receiving balanced, accurate and relevant findings. More importantly, the information resulting from our market research projects will provide you with commercially useful knowledge, enabling you to target potential new business more effectively.