Circulation Management

Quality Editorial + Circulation Excellence = Advertising Revenue

Recruiting and training the senior staff needed to build and manage their circulations is something that increasing numbers of publishers are choosing to avoid. In these instances TJC provides an alternative to these in-house departments, with the expertise and tools to generate and manage high quality data, enabling you to increase advertising and associated revenues, whilst reducing overheads to expand your market share.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with an efficient and highly effective circulation management and marketing process that is robust, scalable and data-driven. But we don’t stop there as we are also experienced in harnessing the value of data and in developing new, highly attractive and profitable revenue streams. We like to innovate and we like our clients to benefit from it.


We recognise that rarely are two journals alike and the management of your circulation has to meet your particular needs. TJCs extensive data management skills and state-of-the-art systems are ideally suited to the creation of a ‘perfect fit’ solution to your terms of control and ensure that your data and reputation are expertly maintained and managed at all times.

By outsourcing to TJC your data will remain fresh and valid through an intense process of cleansing, verifying, monitoring and updating. The result is a structured database that satisfies the requirements of the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC).


A number of leading and forward thinking B2B publishing houses recognise that outsourcing circulation management to TJC brings significant cost benefit as well as improved quality of information.

We are as skilled and experienced in taking over and enhancing the circulation of an existing title, as we are in building an entirely new circulation from scratch, and we do it efficiently and painlessly so that you can concentrate on producing the editorial product and generating advertising.

We have some highly innovative ways to help ensure that your reader information remains clean and up to date and we are also experienced in both printed and online media, including the integration of the two. Our bureau service provides full production, despatch and metrics of electronic editions and we would be delighted to help you take the first steps into the online world, if you have not done so already.


We develop and maintain circulation databases for UK and international trade publications. Often this means we build circulation databases from the ground up according to your demographic criteria, terms of control and audit requirements but we’re equally happy to apply our skills and expertise to an existing title.

Our day-to-day database management includes the generation and import of new reader registrations as well as data cleansing, verification and the de-duplication necessary for total integrity and accuracy. Data quality is key.

We also provide full Audit preparation and support for cast-iron ABC and BPA compliance. Typically we manage the entire audit process and liaise directly with the auditors, dealing with every requirement until the certificate is issued.

Full and timely reporting is to your required format and timeframes including secure online access to real time data.

As a leading specialist publisher we have recognised that there are businesses providing more cost-effective circulation management than we can achieve in-house. In partnering with TJC we are confident that our readers are getting the level of service that they have come to expect. TJC’s versatility and adaptability is such that we also use them very successfully alongside the promotion of our events, where they are generating high quality audiences on our behalf.