Large scale International fulfilment for a leading manufacturing firm

For this client, a leading manufacturer of bearing technologies, we have developed and supply a data capture, literature fulfilment, data analysis and reporting process. This involved the design and development of a database to manage all data, the training of the fulfilment team to operate the system, and data capture via telephone, web, email fax and post. Dedicated phone, email and postal facilities were set up for the purpose and, critically, the process was set up to operate “on-demand”. This meant that the process also needed to be scalable to accommodate intensive marketing activity resulting in higher than normal volumes of enquiries, for example during major trade shows.

The programme operates across the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Southern Asia, South America and North Africa and is designed to ensure that personalised fulfilment packs, from a selection of several hundred catalogues and data sheets, in multiple languages, are despatched singly or in bulk on the same day. Currently the system produces a fully personalised accompanying letter in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian according to the location of the enquirer and is capable of accommodating any other language should the client wish.

Once captured and despatched, an automated inventory system records stock changes and ensures that re-ordering is undertaken on a pre-determined basis. The system can handle everything from a single data sheet for a customer in Argentina to one or more pallets of brochures to a distributor in India

All data is capable of being analysed ‘on the fly’ and personalised, confidential weekly and monthly reports are prepared and emailed to the relevant sales and marketing contacts. The system is also designed to allow bespoke reports to be produced, and resides on a secure network.

The client reports not only substantial cost savings, but also a significant improvement in terms of accurate and timely delivery of literature, better stock control, dramatically improved reporting and improved accountability, better internal resource allocation, convenience, reduced stress etc.