Managing new leads and literature for a European manufacturer

This European manufacturer of solenoid technology has a small local office responsible for sales and marketing in the UK. Given its staffing limitations, a requirement existed for a facility that would receive and manage all new business leads including literature despatch and lead qualification.

By putting an on-demand fulfilment and enquiry management process in place, our client has been able to get on with the job of selling their products without having to divert limited resources into non-core activity.

A systematic programme was developed, controlled and managed via a dedicated database, which enabled enquiries to be received and fulfilled on the same day and a qualification call to be placed shortly after the information is received. Benefits have included:

Reduced cost – our service operates ‘on demand’ so the client does not incur the expense, management or training issues associated with specialist in-house marketing support staff who, given the limited number of sales leads received, may not be fully employed throughout each day.

No delay – literature despatch and follow up operate to a strict schedule: where an enquiry is received by 1.00 p.m., literature is despatched on the same day and follow up typically occurs 3-5 days after receipt.

Prioritised actions – not only do we identify genuine sales opportunities but we also prioritise prospects based upon the timescale of their need. The client therefore not only know who they need to see but also when they need to see them plus they are far better informed when they go into the business meeting.

No sales opportunities are lost.

Convenience – we hold stocks of all literature, packaging and stationery in our warehouse, the client would be unable to store these items in their limited office space.

Better reporting mechanisms and better management information – for example, the client knows which promotional activity and which media generates not only the highest volume response but, more importantly, the most business.