Market Research in Hastings, East Sussex

Since 1994, The Jamieson Consultancy has been leading the way with forward-thinking B2B market research services in Hastings, East Sussex.

Today, our most popular and sought-after services are in-depth, competitor audits which allow you to take a deeper look at your competitors’ overall digital marketing strategies, or your audiences online search habits, as well as more conventional telephone and online market research to identify, for example, how your customers and prospects view you, your competition, what and when they are planning on buying and what will drive their purchasing decisions.

With our professional and experienced Hastings-based market research team at your disposal, we can deliver your burning questions directly to your target audience and provide you with the insight you need for your business decision-making. And if your audience is International, we can to communicate with them in multiple languages.

Market Research, Hastings East Sussex

Recent market research projects have included product positioning and market acceptance for a range of highly-specialised, automotive products for a company based in Lewes, an innovative, multi-lingual customer care study for an East Sussex-based engineering company and an enquiry follow-up programme following an online marketing campaign for an international machine tools manufacturer. With industry gradually re-opening post-COVID-19 lockdown, now is the time to find out what your market is doing and how you can meet their needs.

To find out how market research can help you grow your business, call our Hastings team 01424 757600 today.

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